European School of Makers: STEAM Education in FabLabs

STEAM Education in FabLabs

What to do (and not to do) when your lab is full of kids


What: high level training for FabLab managers and staff

When: 8 November 2018

Duration: 1 day from 9:00 to 18:30

Fee: free, financed by the Central Europe Interreg FabLabNet project

Where: MUSE FabLab, Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza 3, Trento, ITALY

Registration: Google form





Digital skills have been indicated by the European Commission as strategic for citizenship, and the Italian state has launched the National Digital School Plan (PNSD), which guides schools along a path of innovation and digitalization, introducing them into the digital world. In this context, Fablab can play a strategic role in supporting schools. Many international experiences – some of them very well structured and throughout evaluated (e.g. FabLab @ School / Fab learn Labs program) – already demonstrated the value of fablabs in the development of digital skills at school. Not only because Fablabs permit scholar to develop “hands on” skills (lesser and lesser experienced by the “personal learning” generations), but also because the availability of a fablab allows teachers to engage students in experiences that enhance existing practices and expertise in the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology , Arts, and Mathematics), accelerate invention and design cycles, and engage kids in long-term projects and deep collaboration.

The high-level course “STEAM Education in FabLabs” intends to share with Italian and European FabLab managers and operators the experiences acquired by MUSE FabLab in its five years of educational activity both locally and internationally, thanks to the contribution of the FabLab network developed in the context of the CENTRAL EUROPE INTERREG project “FabLabNet” project, of which MUSE FabLab is the lead partner.




h 9.00

Welcome and registration

h 9.30

Institutional greetings and FabLabNet project presentation

h 10.00 – 10.30

MUSE, 5 years in education

120 educational activities for more than 200.000 students

h 10.30 – 11.00

MUSE FabLab: an education oriented FabLab

New educational methodologies didattiche between digital and analog

h 11.00 – 11.15

Coffee break

h 11.15 – 13.00

The backstage of the design and delivery of educational activities

Learning by doing, without boundaries and rules (Tinkering)

h 13.00 – 14.00


14.00 – ­15.30

The backstage of the design and delivery of educational activities

The structured activities

15.30 – ­18.30

Learning by doing

Hands-on workshop to share and experiment methodologies