Micro:bit & Micropython Course


Micro:bit & Micropython Course


What: high level training for the beginners

When: 3.10.2018 14:00-17:00

           6.11.2018 14:00-17:00

           4.12.2018 14:00-17:00

Trainer: Marek Mansell,  enthusiastic programmer, volunteer and experimentator

Target audience: everyone is invited, especially young and children

Duration: 3 hours

Fee: free, financed by the Central Europe Interreg FabLabNet project

Number of participants: min. 10 max. 15

Where: FabLab at CVTI SR,  Science park ILKOVIČOVA 8, 842 16 BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA


Info: info@fablab.sk, jozef.vasko@fablab.sk




The main goal of the course/presentation is to introduce FabLab and its possibilities to children and young people. After the course students should understand the terms: Python programing language, microprocessor programming, electronics, programmable microcontrollers, Micro:bit, MicroPython, serial communication, compilation, hardware sensors




h 14.00 Welcome and registration

h 14.05-14.15 Why are we here? – FabLabNet project presentation

h 14.15–15.00 Micro:bit

h 15.00-16.00 Micropython